Box Play In Pick 3 Games

Lotto players enjoy winning more when they play Pick 3 lotto games. Since there are 1,000 possible combinations of numbers that can be drawn, a player has a 1-in-1,000 chance at correctly selecting the winning numbers in the right order. Now, players can choose to box play further increasing their odds. Box play means that the numbers do not have to be in any specific order.

When the order of the numbers does not matter, there are only 220 possible combinations of numbers that can be drawn. And you have similar odds as if you were playing online casinos, don't trust me? Fair enough :) just go check this site out for more canadian online casino reviews and you'll see! Now, back to lotto! This is good news for players as this means the odds are dramatically improved in their favor. The odds are not exactly 1-in-220, but they are much better than 1-in-1,000. A non-repeating number, 469 for example, offers a better chance of winning in box play than a number that has repeating digits, 002 for example. Both 469 and 002 have better chances of winning than a number such as 333.

As a Pick 3 player, you can then classify numbers into three groups: those that are non-repeating, doubles (which have one repeating digit), and triples (has only one digit). Out of the 220 possible combinations in Pick 3 box play, there are 10 triples, 90 doubles, and 120 non-repeaters. Notice that 120 plus 90 plus 10 equals 220. Non-repeating numbers, in theory, should be expected to be drawn 72 percent of the time (720 non-repeating numbers out of 1000 combinations). The chances of winning with a non-repeating number played in a box is calculated as 1 in 167. A non-repeating number gives you six chances of a possible 1,000 to win, which is 1 in 167.